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CNN (Cable News Network) is an American news-based pay television channel owned by CNN Worldwide, a unit of the WarnerMedia News & Sports division of AT&T's WarnerMedia. CNN was founded in 1980 by American media proprietor Ted Turner and Reese Schonfeld as a 24-hour cable news channel. Upon its launch in 1980, CNN was the first television channel to provide 24-hour news coverage.

Wes angrily mentioned, "Out of curiosity, I watched a few minutes of CNN immediately after the Question and Answer break today. It is very obvious that that entire team is Anti-Trump. Their is no question about it. I now see why their ratings have dropped to an all time low. They did not even try to be objective. They might as well have Adam Shiff on there as a news anchor spewing hatred for President Trump. As an American Patriot, it made me sick to my stomach."


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Data ed (Former Employee) says

"Everyone is so rude and not nice what so ever, if you even make the littlest of mistakes then your gonna get a reckoning. if you work here expect to get constantly disrespected."


"This job is for high school students. It does not pay enough and it was stresful. The store is not big at all and there is al ot of merchandise that comes in and out of the store. Cons: pay"

Graduate Research Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I got my job as a CNN as a graduate journalist. I lasted 6 weeks before being "terminated" as I wasn't left wing enough. Please avoid working in this company, its culture is cancer. I'm so much happier now that I'm working somewhere else. Cons: Cancerous culture"

PES Sales (Current Employee) says

"Great company with great employees but middle management (PES specifcally-Enterprise National Account Manager)lacks serious structure and organization. Their solution is bar none best in class but the internal operations of AccentHealth is the worst I've seen. Internally all departments cannot "get along" and retention of employees on the sales side is terrible Cons: Middle Management"

EMPLOYEE (Former Employee) says

"CNN has lost the respect it once had as a news service, having degenerated to pandering to a liberal-left audience with its biased agenda and discredited reporting."

Studio Camera Operator / Robo Camera / Video (Former Employee) says

"Management will urge you to cross train (when it suites them) and when you show ability to do that job well, they will retract it. Because, they don't promote. It's a pigeon hole, a dead end job that is festering in incompetence, favoritism, racism and an utter disregard for co-workers. The directors are miserable and bring their misery with them to work each and ever day. It destroys morale. There are employees who are moles that possess zero talent who will do anything to ruin your day by always making life miserable for everyone around them. This one particular tech manager is the worst I've ever had the misfortune to work FOR, I never worked with him. He did not care one bit about anyone's family but his own. There was zero work life balance here. I wish I had never taken this job. It was the worst career decision of my life. Cons: Everything else"

VJ/AP/International News Editor (Former Employee) says

"I worked on the TV side. Cons: Non-transparent decisions in promotions + opportunities, no 360 review process, factory-like work environment, no creativity, low pay, no breaks, no "lunch time""

Journalist (Former Employee) says

"But a management changeover about 2 years ago specific to the morning shows I work on caused morale to plummet. Steady stream of good employees moving on. Several uncaring, disrespectful middle managers and managers. When given an opportunity to address a pattern of issues raised to HR, HR and managers were vaguely intimidating and retaliatory, in my case/in my opinion."

Senior Broadcast Engineering System Tech (Former Employee) says

"This channels new is so repetitive that lost interest. I had to leave because I do take pride in my work. What I did enjoy was installing and running the first virtual broadcast of the 2008 election for CNN."

Senior Producer (Former Employee) says

"Well, I have to be diplomatic then, don't I. The people were pleasant enough but there was too much red tape for my taste. Seniors too afraid of E.P. to bother that person at normal checkpoints along the way, so by the time E.P. got involved it was deep into the edit process. A very silly work flow since E.P. would not like what E.P. saw and it was always very late in the game. It would end up costing countless extra time and money and then we'd get the smackdown that we were over budget. You feel me?"

News Producer (Former Employee) says

"If you want to get a promotion or advancement opportunities, suck up to your bosses. They don’t reward you on merit. They reward when you are part of a show ‘clique’ especially at HLN where everyone that got promoted were huge brown nosers and gossip girls. They essentially had a mean girls club and all those involved got promoted to positions they didn’t have the job skills for? How can you be a senior Producer when you can’t put a show together let alone line producing it?"

Senior Director (Former Employee) says

"Rat race poorly managed.. there was no typical day strongly divided company with a very strange pecking order,, rampant paranoia ..shocking lack of television experience ... pretty much a joke.. shoe string operation Cons: having to be there"

Associated producer (Former Employee) says

"Very Stressful job, not good compensated as it should be."

Talent Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Stay away from the Business Administration department!! The 'managers' have NO CLUE what they are doing. There is a lack of diversity in the entire company, and that department is worst. The managers has their favorites and it feels as if you are in jr. high school trying to get in with the 'popular' kids."

Editorial (Former Employee) says

"Atlanta's top managers are kind and caring toward their employees and show teams genuinely strive for the most ethical and fair content. It's a stressful environment filled with smart and dedicated employees."

Technical Operations, Floor Director (Former Employee) says

"I worked at this company for 10 years, and to say they got their money's worth out of me would be an understatement. I ran all of their high profile show and special events and resigned to find a company that would pay me better for my talents. Cons: Compensation"

Senior Account Services/Copy Editor (Current Employee) says

"I am usually one of the first to get in at 8:30am. I am able to jot down notes on how my day should go. I send our morning emails and then start on my work. I correspond with agencies and the sales team if I am missing materials and continue through out the day making sure I have what I need until the end of the day Cons: No movement. Managmet is a little too comfortable and there is no room for grown"

Senior Producer (Former Employee) says

"CNN in general has become short-sighted in its outlook on news and employees. Older, senior employees are not valued and even laid off. Cons: Office politics, poor management"

Media Producer (Former Employee) says

"The most enjoyable part of this job was getting the chance to work and produce for some of the best journalists in the world."

Writer/Producer (Current Employee) says

"Each day I walk in the door, I'm already hours into my work day. I've spent time at home and on mobile apps mining the news of the day so that I'm not caught unaware."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at CNN full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Constantly fed lies and forced to regurgitate them to the public"

Current Employee - Sales Advisor says

"I have been working at CNN full-time Cons: Liberal and bias to all"

Former Employee - Lair of the Bear Staff says

"I worked at CNN full-time Cons: The daily beating and lack of food."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at CNN full-time for more than a year Cons: New backstabbing management since AT&T takeover."

Former Employee - News Assistant says

"I worked at CNN full-time for more than a year Cons: 1. Pay - you'd make more money waiting tables. No seriously... 2. Schedule - you work almost every holiday (I'm talking Christmas, Thanksgiving, and this isn't because you're low on the totem pole, its like this for everyone on the production side), you WILL work overnights, you WILL work weekends, you WILL work 5am shifts, you WILL lose any semblance of social life you had. 3. Management - pretty much nonexistent. Don't ever plan on getting valuable feedback on your progress or having someone go to bat for you. I've had some terrible managers before but the incompetence of mgmt for this dept is beyond belief. 4. No promotion track - mgmt is terrible so like I said, you're on your own. They'll promise you a 6 month/year promotion track but in reality you're looking at 2-4+ years before sniffing a promotion. Doesn't matter if you work your tail off. 5. No training - the job is super easy and you're not doing anything sexy at all, so your delusions of grandeur will be rocked when you realize you're never going to learn anything unless you go out of your way to teach yourself. 6. Culture - everyone is pretty much miserable from top to bottom. Its a common joke that you will have no social life and no money. In fact people wear it like a badge of honor, but personally I prefer happiness over sulking day in and day out with my coworkers. 7. Respect - yes, you're bottom of the barrel, but you'd have a hard time finding an intro level job somewhere else that treats you this badly. Be prepared to have producers yelling "PROMPTER!!!" at you even when you've worked on their show for 2 years. CONCLUSION - you will advance 100x faster and learn 100x more at a local station where you are valued as a person and not another number. There are incredible people and incredible jobs at CNN/Turner, but the News Assistant job will set you back years in career development and financial stability. This job is a glorified internship that's full time and doesn't just last a summer, it lasts as long as you wait until realizing you should leave. Nearly every NA I started with is gone and much happier because of it."

Current Employee - Regional Sales Manager says

"I have been working at CNN full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Liers, Deceivers CNN should stop their business"


"I worked at CNN Cons: You spread lies and false information to spin a fake narrative that fits an agenda. Not good for the world."

Former Employee - Producer says

"I worked at CNN full-time for more than 10 years Cons: The parent company, TimeWarner, is swinging the wrecking ball at the fourth estate while it cherry-picks profits out of the rubble of responsibility and moral conscience. CNN's newsrooms have fun house floors, especially if you're in the U.S. Sure, the benefits and vacation will be great, but then a trap door will open, you'll whisk down a chute, and they'll be snapped from your grasp as you sail to the pavement. Yes, yes, the corporate world, but really the way to run a news institution? When profits are high? When you have the power and finances to turn it into a beacon of journalistic hope for your nation, and others? Go to CNN, and your colleagues there will be unforgetable and the vast majority lovely. But management will promote their own, less deserving friends ahead of them and dismiss good, hard working people. The inanimate gaze of the chopping block in the room will taint your days with angst. And then there's Trump. The American monster CNN midwifed. Much of the U.S. media have prostituted themselves to King Bigot for clicks and ratings, but CNN has held court the most, and helped him gel a fascist movement in the United States that will delight the world for years to come. (Yes, Russell Brand, Bill Maher and John Oliver, you may have this as a gift.)"

Former Employee - Senior Producer says

"I worked at CNN full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Management is populated by a glut of old white men who have been at the company a very long time. They've successfully found shady corners to rule their fiefdoms from and are hands down some of the worst leaders to work for. They often give lip service to those who are looking to move up or make changes in the organization and consistently do nothing to improve the newsroom HR (like at most companies) exists to protect the company and management and when an employee brings up harassment, or points out an abusive manager, that employee is usually the one who is punished rather than the manager. The environment is cutthroat and nasty. Rumors abound and run rampant and hard work and real journalism isn't rewarded."

Editor/Producer says

"I worked at CNN for less than a year Cons: (See "pros." Everything is there.)"

Kirk Lewis says

"I am a Trump voter twice. Don Lemmon called Trump voters racist and Klan like. That is dispicable and stupid. A black man who does not know me call 75 million voters all racist. Don Lemmon is racist in his behavior and Cuomo is no better. You guys are telling lies day in and day out. I hope you go out of business and Don Lemmon and Cuomo lose their jobs I don’t blame them as much as I blame CNN who support their leftist views. What happened to Walter Cronkite and people like him of honor and values. They are certainly no where in my America"

Ben Byler says

"CNN is a propaganda spreading outlet for the Liberal Democrats."

Joey says

"CNN is way too far left wing propaganda Marxist garbage of a channel. This Fake News is full of hate and anger which promotes violence and racism 24/7 while supporting AntiFa and BLM terrorism. Their target is to destroy the white race, Christians, conservatives, middle class, and small business owners. Those reporters are two-faced bias hypocrites who are fantastic with their constant lies and fearmongering agenda to fit their narratives no matter how twisted the truth can be. If you're a hardcore leftist, Marxist, socialist, or communist, then CNN is just for you."

Pam Aerts says

"This channel should be taken off the air and the owners tried for treason. Do you have any people who actually report the NEWS? Don’t forget, you can be censored too.🤷🏻‍♀️"

Kyle says

"The inability to stay fair and balanced, the lack of decorum the fascist news anchors, the racist news anchors this station is the bane of America"


"The most destructive weapon to the American people is false media. CNN is a direct example of that. Please tune in elsewhere if you want accurate information and not a bias opinion before facts are provided."

Mark Meree says

"This message goes out to all employees of CNN. You have lied to the American People. You have called your own viewers racist, liars, nazis, olive garden eating poor trash, redneck white supremacist. Well I hope your building is targeted next. I'd like to watch you all get what you deserve on live TV while I eat my Olive Garden salad and bread sticks. I pray you all catch your fake ass China flu and perish."

Christina says

"I can’t watch any more of the Soap Opera-esque, overly dramatic rhetoric of Lemon/Cooper/Cuomo anchors. Their arrogance while gushing over each other is essentially nauseating and about as fake as the Lemon-Cuomo manufactured ‘friendship’. What a crock! . The nasty, imperious condescension doled out by these 3 Stooges is a joke."

Scott Anderson says

"These comunist lying criminals are clearly taking pay offs from the criminal democratic party. Cumo is a joke just like his comunist brother the dictator of NY state. You worthless unpatriotic back stabbing should be in prison and shut down. Kiss my white shiny behind you lying comunists."

Racmer says

"The worse media ever, they are against all Republicans and Don Lemon needs to get fired for being a liar and creating division in our country, he speaks with so much hate I feel sorry for this person , he needs to repent"

Chuck Chesser says

"Very little journalism, mostly partisan spin and opinion. Used to be a great network. I check periodically to see what they are talking about. You can count on it being anti Trump spin and opinion, never anything else. I think its all day everyday. Worst news network ever."

Julie Manderewicz says

"THE DEPLORABLES CNN Its really beyond The pale that you would consider yourself a network of reporters. The question begs to be asked? Exactly what does the liberal party do for you? There's no doubt there's monetary gain involved. You couldn't possibly consider yourselves to be one of the best in your buisness. The past couple months listening to your reporters, " and I use that term loosely" I honestly had thought at one point, how do they wake up in the morning and look at themselves in the mirror and think what they're doing is right? What is it that you people are gaining by the derogatory one-sided reporting that you do? Are you people so overpaid, so out of touch with reality, with a sense of entitlement that you can report these nasty derogatory insults you dumped on half of the Americans? What were you people like as children? who raised you? Honestly where is your integrity? My father was a lifetime military man, and had I ever spoke about people whether they were black white, Republican Democrat, anything of the kind, he would have whipped my butt based on principle which apparently you folks have none of. I may not rise to your standard of living. But you'll never rise to my standards. I'm grateful that I do not have the financial means to which you folks obviously have, because it couldn't possibly be anything other than money that makes you the Savage heartless people that you have become. My advice is to grab a dictionary and look up the word integrity because apparently the word is lost on all of you."

Kari says

"If I could give zero stars I would. This network sucks and is quite disgusting!! All the hatred your network has created and all the lies you have continued to tell for 4 years has divided our country and has created racial tension. Trump supporters are not Nazi or White supremacist so get your facts straight and educate yourself you racist network. My husband and I are of Hispanic decent, we are Americans and that is who Donald J. Trump represented. Your network owes an apology to 75+ million Americans who voted for Donald J. Trump."

Carl Millsap says

"So everytime I see articles, live news reports, or watch a youtube video of CNN, it is HEAVILY left leaning. It is so appalling that they have become SO deluded and fake that I cannot believe anything they say now. To cut and paste what people have said to paint your own message of what they said is a blatant misrepresentation of the facts. And then to use the word "baseless" what does that even mean? Baseless is what CNN's whole entire platform is now. A platform without a base will fall. And look at their absolutely terrible reviews and terrible service to the American public. We deserve to get the facts. Not BS. And not totally one sided. You make me sick, CNN. Crappiest News Network."

Sirofbabygirl says

"You bias Hippocrates. You're so down on trump, yet what he's done is no where near as bad as that treasonous Obama/Osama or that treasonous Hilary. You're so down on the Republican Trump backers yet you had those Democratic ignorant Dem backers destroying Seattle.. I'll be so glad when you have to close your doors and shut your A hole mouths. You may have trump out but there will be another e to take his place. Americans won't let you become dictators and make this a communist country."

Concerned citizen says

"Cnn is a joke makes me sick. I hope when all this is over with cnn and fox and all other lying media lose everything if I and everyone I know have anything do with it you will I promise you that God is in control and evil will not conquer good will and I can't wait to watch it happen..I wish I could give them 0 stars but you can't..."

Jennifer Mills says

"CNN has outwardly and opening taken on a politically charged and opinionated view point, leaving behind integrity and honest journalism. Recent censorship of the President of the United States is brought to you by a company devoid of moral and ethical obligations to its viewers and readers. Every news report is filled with demoralization, hatred, and propaganda."

Diane Burkamp says

"One word sums up CNN propaganda."

Cnn sucks says

"CNN should be taken off the air, not sold. Disgusting how they allow such crap to be spewed from their mouths to the world. Airports must wake up and turn the channel, because the CNN cartoon is a joke"

Stinky ballz says

"Comunist news network sucks because they are owned by communist China and will cuck up to the leftist agenda without a blink"

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